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I hit this with a 2/5...

But i'm having regrets, after a few repeats it's beginning to grow on me and i'm becoming entranced by the different layers of the sound. I'll be coming back tomorrow to pop a 5/5 on it. Excellent work. btw.. First.

MormoMaker responds:

I bet it will be like this with a bunch of people. I can't tell, however, because I end up listening to my music 100x to double check the mixing, and there isn't any glitches. :D Thanks for the review!

The listeners have contradicted you my friend.

It's always nice to see a song that's not mixed at all and also "pretty shitty" hold 4.36 after 137 votes. Thumbs up man, I'm loving your covers/remixes, keep up the fantastic work. 4/5 9/10

Burn7 responds:

Well thanks. And the score really doesn't reflect anything anymore. Not since 0 bombers started targeting me because my songs got a little tiny bit of attention and they all got seriously butthurt about it.

Awesome Cover

5/5 Every Day and 10/10 right now :D

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude! A 5 every day would be awesome because I'm getting a 0 about every hour :(

It's not a truly 8-bit sounding piece...

But it sounds nice nontheless, great work.

I love the message and beat.

The lyrics and rhythm were great, something about the voice of the vocalist threw the song off slightly. It's a great piece otherwise. 5/5 9/10

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

I think it's probably my vocal mixing, Or maybe it's my rap voice sumtimes, either way, thanx for stoppin in and paying attention.

I'm liking it.

Instrumental version sounds very good, and is put together well. Thanks for the upload :D 5/5 10/10

crusherxt responds:

haha yea. thanks for telling me to delete those vocals. haha and thanks for the alsome review!

Small Issues

It's overall a pretty good song, but something about the voice bugged me everytime I heard it. I think the voice was poorly layered and should've been a single voice singing the song, instead of 2-3 of the same person singing.

Kantucky responds:

Thank you for your review donrex, sorry my voice bugz you, but I am glad you dug the song!!

it's ok.

The strings are put together well, but the choral sound needs some work, is has sort of a "scratchy" sound, and is too loud over the strings.


This song is calming me. And I just drank a Monster, so that's an accomplishment. Kudos.

Cuzone responds:

Haha this song beats a Monster? Wow. :P

I think i'm in love...

This is by far the greatest song I have EVER listened to on newgrounds. Keep up the amazing work.

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