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That's one epic animation.

The partially readable information near the beginning added a great effect, and the drawbacks to that information that came and went very fast near the end were perfect... My only recommendation is to get some music that's just a little heavier, the same kind of vibe, but just a stronger feel; and no i don't mean Bleed It Out or House of Wolves... Just a tad stronger beat. Also: the coming and going of HP bars was amazing and the exiting animation of Steelix's HP bar made it twice as epic as it already was... 5/5, 10/10


Tartarus gets PWNZOR3D by the Master Sword and a scarab takes a picture with a 1,000 year old camera... (2552/1952?) owned


That was amazing, im not a big fan of the wii. i own an xbox 360. but that was hilarious!

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All Time World High Score!

61,880 7/26/10 All Time High Score!

Amazing game, zoned out while playing and now i have marks on my arms from having them on the keyboard for so long. XD


Not as fun as the real newgrounds.


This game trapped me at my computer, the music never got boring, the game never slowed down, and i dont give out 5 star votes and 10 star reviews very often, storm the house 1and2 rule, your the best IvoryDrive.

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I hit this with a 2/5...

But i'm having regrets, after a few repeats it's beginning to grow on me and i'm becoming entranced by the different layers of the sound. I'll be coming back tomorrow to pop a 5/5 on it. Excellent work. btw.. First.

MormoMaker responds:

I bet it will be like this with a bunch of people. I can't tell, however, because I end up listening to my music 100x to double check the mixing, and there isn't any glitches. :D Thanks for the review!

The listeners have contradicted you my friend.

It's always nice to see a song that's not mixed at all and also "pretty shitty" hold 4.36 after 137 votes. Thumbs up man, I'm loving your covers/remixes, keep up the fantastic work. 4/5 9/10

Burn7 responds:

Well thanks. And the score really doesn't reflect anything anymore. Not since 0 bombers started targeting me because my songs got a little tiny bit of attention and they all got seriously butthurt about it.

Awesome Cover

5/5 Every Day and 10/10 right now :D

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude! A 5 every day would be awesome because I'm getting a 0 about every hour :(

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